Parallelised Parallel Tempering in Python (using MPI)

I study systems at finite temperature through numerical simulations. Some of these simulations are very intensive and slow so I’ve been trying to use more sophisticated algorithm that speed things up. One cool example of this is parallel tempering, which is particularly useful at low temperatures where normal algorithms can get stuck. It also lends itself nicely to a parallel implementation (in the code sense) and thanks to python packages like mpi4py it turns out not to be too hard to take advantage of that.

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Running LIQUi|> on Mac OSX

Since it was released I’ve been excited to play with Microsoft’s Quantum Simulator/Programming language LIQUi|>. I don’t really know what I’d do with it but the idea is very cool. Since it’s developed by Microsoft though the Documentation is very Windows focussed. The User Guide gives code examples to help you learn how to use it but these don’t work straight away on the Mac without some tweaks. So, the first thing I wanted to try was getting all of those running. It took me a little while to figure it all out but following these steps I seem to have got everything working:

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Hello World!

This is a blog about the things I do in the process of doing my PhD physics research that aren’t the research itself.

It’ll mostly be about me figuring out how to use something new and helpful. That could be a new numerical method, a nice program that simplifies my working, or a clever programming trick. I will blog about my steps in learning the thing, and try and give as many practical notes as I can from trying them out. (While not hiding the details of the stupid mistakes I made in the process.)